Hi, Iím Carl and I own and operate OCD Media™. Over the years, I have developed a passion and an eye for capturing fine artistic images. Living in New Zealand amongst some of the most magnificent scenic backdrops and having had the privilege of owning some unique custom cars, I have been spoilt for subject matter. The meaning of the OCD Media™ logo is simple: C = 100 in Roman numerals and the % is just that, meaning, I give it my all, 100% in everything I do. As the name (OCD) suggests, I am meticulous. With painstaking attention to detail, I always ensure that the final product exceeds expectations. If you're after someone who is a perfectionist and takes the utmost pride in their work, look no further than OCD Media™.

OCD Media's™ job is to present your vehicle at itís absolute best: as if it were on centre stage, all through the dynamic art of photography. I would class my style of photography as dramatic art. My personal preference for photos/post editing is ďless is moreĒ. I prefer that the subject retain a realistic/true profile, rather than lose itís identity through over-editing, to the point of appearing obviously fake. My post-edit process includes sufficient editing to clean up the background and subject without compromising the original appearance. This ensures that all focus is on your vehicle, making it pop and grab attention while still keeping it true to life.

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